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Timber Frame Styles
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Looking for something one-of-a-kind? 

Our design team will work with you and your architect or contractor to fashion a unique pavilion kit that meets your needs.

Styles and Customs

Along with our standard design styles, we can also create one-of-a-kind pavilion kits that meet your specific needs and desires. Do you need a pavilion to add to the entryway of your home? Maybe, you want a detached option to place in your backyard. 

Customized designs allow you to add structures to your home that will flow with your current design and fit perfectly in their designated spaces.

Whether you are looking to host outdoor gatherings, add curb appeal to your home, or expand your interior space, a custom design will get the job done without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of your existing space.

The Custom Process Begins with Style

Alpine Pavilion Kit

Our Alpine design is a simple king post style structure that is constructed without the struts and top cords, leaving it open with clean lines. The Alpine comes in three sizes, with the largest size having an option of an additional bent or “entry” pop out.

Columbia Pavilion Kit

This cruck style timber frame pavilion features long curved knee braces all hand-cut by our skilled artisans, then delivered to you as an easy to assemble package.

Meadows Pavilion Kit

This customizable pavilion kit with queen-post trusses is handcrafted by our skilled crew, then shipped to your job site for easy assembly.


Summit Pavilion Kit

This classic timber frame pavilion kit features hammer-beam trusses assembled using centuries-old mortise and tenon joinery.

Timberline Pavilion Kit

Our most popular pavilion kit, the Timberline features a pair of beautiful king post trusses, or “bents.” It’s available in three standard sizes or inquires about a custom solution.

Rainier Pavilion Kit

This pavilion-style features double ridge timber trusses, handcrafted by our artisans with timbers from the Pacific Northwest.


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