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Our customizable Columbia pavilion kit is our most-requested pavilion style, featuring two handcrafted king post trusses, or “bents.”
Like all of our pavilion kits, the Columbia is made from high-grade, Douglas fir heavy timbers in the Pacific Northwest.
Each kit is handcrafted by our expert artisans, then shipped to your jobsite for easy assembly.
The Columbia comes in three standard sizes, with custom sizes and options available upon request.

Kit Details

Our highly complete material package for this customizable timber pavilion kit makes the process of building your outdoor living area quick and simple.
  • Handcrafted timber frame made from Douglas fir timbers
  • Douglas fir tongue and groove ceiling material
  • Postbase brackets for foundation connection
  • Pre-drilled holes for mortise and tenon connections
  • All fasteners for the timber frame
NOT INCLUDED IN THE KIT PRICE: Shipping, Foundation, Installation, Roofing Material, Tongue and Groove Fasteners.

Need Custom Sizing?
We are happy to Quote Any Size or Shape!


100 Sq. Ft.


144 Sq. Ft.


196 Sq. Ft.
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All Columbia Kits Include

Mortise & Tenon Connections

All of our timber frames are constructed using traditional mortise and tenon joinery, a centuries-old method that results in magnificent open spaces.

Cruck Style Trusses

A handcrafted timber truss can be a majestic addition to a vaulted living space, or an accent bringing rustic character to entryways and gables. We’ll work with you to find the style that meets your needs.

Knee Braces

The beauty of our knee brace designs elevates a living space tremendously. These braces support the frame and bring light to any design.

Wood Ceilings

We use only the highest quality Douglas fir and cedar found in the Pacific Northwest. This strong, sturdy wood can withstand rough weather conditions and carry heavy loads. Like the projects we build, each piece of wood is one-of-a-kind.

Custom Designs And Sizing

If you’re looking for something one-of-a-kind, our craftsmen produce custom pavilion kits with a tailored truss-style to suit your preferences. 
All of our outdoor pavilion kits are made from high-grade Douglas fir heavy timbers from the Pacific Northwest. 
Each kit is handcrafted by our expert artisans, then shipped to your job site for easy assembly. Custom layouts and options are always available upon request.

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